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ScatterPod is a registered trademark of Global Memorial Products Ltd.

The ScatterPod range has been co-designed by a funeral director, so they are easy to use, from filling the Pod, right through to the scattering of the ashes. No glue is required, and they don't have to be turned upside down when the ashes are being placed in the Pod.

Our images are seamless all the way around, so no nasty join lines and prices are very competitive to other products available.

We offer distributor, trade and retail pricing across all of our range, across multiple countries around the world, where we also hold registered trademarks, design rights and patents.

In addition, we can also offer a one off bespoke service where we can wrap a ScatterPod in any suitable image, plus a custom service where we can produce a batch of ScatterPods in any design you wish, whether that's your company colours or a particular design that would suit your company.

Global Memorial Products Ltd. was started in 2014 to design and manufacture the range of ScatterPods, and our range and reach has grown significantly from 4 designs in one size, through to 3 different sizes and up to 15 different designs now distrubuted through several distributors across the world, and with other products added to the range, and with new products coming soon.


ScatterPods are an eco-friendly and easy way to scatter the ashes of your loved ones. They have been designed by a funeral director with ease of use in mind. More...


Global Memorial Products Ltd.,
Paignton, Devon, UK

Phone: (01803) 500450

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